The inspiration for this series of paintings, stemmed initially, from a series of pastel pieces of roses. I came across the Bosworth Rose, as the commemorative flower which is now placed at the Bosworth Battlefield, near to where I live, to mark the centenary of the Battle of Bosworth Field, fought on 22 August 1485. After completing this piece, I was inspired to a paint white rose, or 'Yorkist Rose' and red rose or 'Lancastrian Rose'. The House of York (Henry) was represented by the emblem of a red rose and the Yorkist (Richard) emblem was white rose.


The Battle of Bosworth led to the War of the Roses, where Henry Tudor, (Henry VII), Earl of Richmond and a Lancastrian, defeated King Richard III, a Yorkist, at the Battle of Bosworth Field.  This history is significant for me, living where I do in Stoke Golding, thought to be the place where Henry was crowned king of England.

The painting, 'King Richard's Last Stand' progressed from this earlier work.

These paintings will soon be offered for sale, along with fine art giclee prints, so please check back soon for details.



Pastel and pastel pencil on Pastelmat 50 x 70 cms

The completion of this painting coincided with the eve of the 530th anniversary The Battle of Bosworth (or Bosworth Field) fought on 22 August 1485, the civil war between the Houses of Lancaster and York. I am very grateful to the author Matthew Lewis, writer of historical fiction, for the inspirational reference pic of the horsemen.

The Hinckley Times 13th January 2016


Soft pastels on Pastelmat.

30cms x 30 cms

1 of 3 floral pieces I painted for for The Market Bosworth Festival in June 2015

Reference pic courtesy of Ronald M. Sheppard.


Soft pastels on Pastelmat.

30cms x 30 cms

The second of 3 paintings For The Market Bosworth Festival.

Reference pic courtesy of Maggie Thrun.


30 cms x 30 cms Pastels on Pastelmat

This striped rose was bred by Ronnie Rawlins, an amateur grower to commemorate The Battle of Bosworth in 1485.

painted for an exhibition in Market Bosworth on 27th and 28th June as part of The Bosworth Festival.

Reference pic courtesy of Margaret Styles of Style Roses in Spalding, Lincolnshire for use of her reference pic.

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